9 Tips for Saving Electricity in the Living Room

Here are Dave's top tips for reducing your energy consumption and lowering your energy costs:

  1. Install ceiling insulation.
  2. Keep curtains closed. This prevents heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
  3. Close off unheated areas.
  4. Don’t overheat the room. Increasing the thermostat by 1 degree can increase costs by 3 percent.
  5. Clean heating and air-conditioner filters regularly.
  6. Dress appropriately.
  7. Choose energy-efficient appliances. Compare energy rating labels before you buy.
  8. Turn off appliances when you aren’t using them.
  9. Remove dust and fluff from the fan and reflective surfaces of heater to keep clean, efficient and safe.

Electrical Safety at the Holidays

Holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, inflatable yard decorations, window candles, and other electrical, lighted items are great to look at but can bring electrical problems, higher bills, and dangers.